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Limerick Life wins European Newspaper Award

Limerick Life has won a European Newspaper Award for the design of its lifestyle content – sections covering food, fashion, beauty, entertainment, health and property.

The award will be presented at the European Newspaper Congress, which takes place on May 22 and May 23 2017 in the City Hall of Vienna, Austria.

In all, 191 newspapers from 27 countries entered submissions for the European Newspaper Awards, with two Irish newspapers winning awards.

We published the first edition of Limerick Life on May 18 this year, delivering our newspaper free to 25,000 Limerick city homes, and we’ve been publishing fortnightly on Wednesdays ever since.

The Mayo News, a weekly established in 1892, was the other Irish winner. It too won its award for the quality design of its feature sections.

We are thrilled with this award, especially considering the quality of the entries from 27 different countries. It’s a tribute to the talent of our designer, Kevin Loftus, and also reward for the collaborative effort of the whole editorial and advertising team.

Of course, Limerick has its own way of putting you in your place. I was at the Young Munsters versus Garryowen clash in Tom Clifford Park last Friday night. I met up with my brother and his friend, The Publican, in Fennessy’s beforehand. The Publican, protectively holding a pint of Heineken close to his chest like a breastfeedng child, announced that he hadn’t been able to drink since Soldier’s Field. He’d been in Chicago for Ireland beating the All-Blacks, and $800 later he’d left a bar at 4.30am, leaving behind a friend who was on his knees clutching the bar, praying not to be given another drink. The Publican asked me how the paper was going?

Me: Great

The Brother: It won an award there during the week

The Publican: Well done, Limerick Life is all around my house.

Me: Great

The Publican: Yeah, we’ve a new dog.

Glad to see our award-winning design is being used to soak up the puppy’s urinary mishaps. Still, you can’t wrap chips, or house train a dog with a newspaper website, can you?

It hasn’t been easy launching a print newspaper in the digital age where newspaper circulation is in decline all over the world, but we believe by offering a quality newspaper, designed visually and editorially to offer a national newspaper standard at local level, that we can bring something new and positive to Limerick readers and advertisers.

We invest every edition with our own style, in order to produce a product that’s visually arresting, informative and entertaining, and the response from readers and advertisers alike has been overwhelming.

I once had a lovely elderly reader ring me and ask where she could get the paper. She’d missed hers and they were all gone from her local shop. I said I was sorry, but there were no – …She cut me off.

Could I buy it from you, she asked in a voice as small as a full stop at the end of Donald Trump.

I thought this is great; we’re flying off the shelves and this woman’s willing to pay for something free. But then I realised, hang on, what day is it? What week is it?’

‘I’m afraid,’ I explained to our disappointed reader, ‘the reason you didn’t get a paper this Wednesday is because we publish fortnightly. See you next time.’

All going well.

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